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Name:fire emblem awakening: a translation dump
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a smelly place where shoe puts all her pointless fe: a translations. managed by [personal profile] forflowers and any other rp journal that shoe might post with because she is terribly lazy like that. they're all her though so don't worry

i guess i can stick a mini faq here huh no fancy html though i have no talent when it comes to fancy html

who are you
i'm shoe but when i'm in a place where it is not exactly preferrable to go by footwear (like real life i guess) i'm noelle!! i'm eighteen and i live in canada please don't track me down i'm innocent

why are you doing this
i don't want my japanese to get too rusty and for the dlcs, well i want to feel useful because i never do anything productive anyway

for stuff that's already been localized er i don't like how some stuff's been localized (stares at henry and cries)(stares at olivia and winces)(stares at inigo and whines) so yeah mess with my favourites and i'll mess with y-- no i'll just sob in the corner pathetically

so you're not japanese huh!!!!!!
no i'm not sorry but if it helps i have about five or six years of japanese experience so it's not like i'm the worst person who could translate things

though i can't really converse with someone without going through a nervous breakdown i get very embarrassed

how are these translations are they Good or what
no i've been translating for a few years but i'm just an amateur and i still learn new things almost everyday and i swear to naga i'm terrible at english too so i'm??? translating from one language to another and i'm bad at both??? what am i doing

um to answer things a little more seriously i'm human and i make mistakes so ahksdfs the thing is — i don't post things until i'm confident about 99% about the translation so-- whatever you see, it'll be accurate!! there'll always be an occasional line or two that i'll scratch my head at but i always double/triple/quadruple check things and interpret lines to the best of my ability! things get lost in translation very easily though!! there's just some stuff that's hard to convey in english (because i suck and i'm not really good at translating some characters thank you based localized gregor) and i'm trying to juggle keeping the appropriate character tics people are familiar with while staying close to the source material (so i apologise for the lack of BLOOD AND THUNDER in noire's convos i know you love 'em but i just don't know where to stick them in) so please bear with me wow

do you have a schedule or something when do you post stuff
tbh i just go at my own pace. i might just post three translations in one day!!! and then i post one everyday for a week!! and then i disappear for a few days before posting another one. there are days when i'm just like YEEEEAHHHH GONNA TRANSLATE and days when i'm all MAYBE LATER so it really depends on my mood bless me. i try to post translations at least once every few days though, now that i know i have people actually... subscribing to this comm... i'm embarrassed but it's motivating...!!

do you have biases
second gen

particularly inigo

because what they had to deal with was tragic and i love despair (and their tight bond too i guess) huff huff i do first gen stuff too obviously, but yeah #secondgen4lyfe (backflips)

can you actually type properly
Yes, I can! My translations actually have punctuation and proper grammar, after all — er, I think. But it takes Effort and i feel more at ease when i type like this it's who i am (spoilers i actually used to capitalize my i's but now i'm just. too lazy to do even that don't look at me)

what else
i don't know what else do you put in faqs anyway

do i need credit um i translate stuff from here and here, and uh. please don't feel intimidated or anything if you want to request something because i!!! love requests they make me motivated and everything!!! so if you have one (it can just be "oh hi can you do character A/character B" or "i want to see more character C convos please!!") feel free to pm me or contact me on my. well. here's a link to all my stuff no way i'm gonna link all that manually. you can also comment on my navigation post too if you're more comfortable with that!!
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